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It's My Right To See My Child

Contact with both parents is considered a child's right rather than a parent's right.

The concept of contact is to maintain meaningful and positive relationships between children and their parents, regardless of the parents' marital or relationship status.

The right to contact is that children have the right to have a relationship with both of their parents, as long as it is in their best interests and is safe.

1. Best Interests of the Child: Contact arrangements must be in the child's best interests. 2. Frequent and Meaningful Contact: The aim is to establish and maintain regular, consistent, and meaningful contact between the child and both parents, whenever possible and appropriate. 3. Age and Maturity: The child's age and level of maturity are taken into account when determining the type and frequency of contact. 4. Safety and Protection: The child's safety and protection comes first. 5. Flexibility: Contact arrangements should be flexible and adapt to changing circumstances to meet the child's needs, as they grow up.

Remember to put your child first.

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